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Explore the top station wagon cars that combine style, versatility, and practicality for all your adventures. Find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs and start your next journey today.
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There is no doubt that the 60s were one of the most aesthetically pleasing eras in human history. From clothing and music to technology, everything looked like it came straight from a movie. Even now, many of us enjoy having a look at vintage photos and imagining what life was like more than 50 years ago.One of the iconic creations from 60s was the station wagon – a car that was able to fit the entire family and looked more like a limo than your ordinary car. Also, nobody had to wear…

Terry Sigler
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Ford never produced a Mustang Station Wagon. If they had, you have to wonder just what it would have looked like. Perhaps this custom-built wagon gives us some sort of idea. This isn't the first time that we've seen this particular vehicle. It previously featured in this excellent article written by our illustrious Jamie Palmer...

Steve Stewart
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The demand for classic station wagons from the 1950s to the 1970s is on the rise. They have always had their place amongst classic car enthusiasts, but lately the number of fans is growing. Collectors often seek out vehicles that remind them of their childhood. A new generation of collectors in their 30s and 40s

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STK 3048 1960 Buic LeSabre Patina Station Wagon By all appearances, this 1960 Buick LaSabre Estate Wagon was a ‘surfer wagon’ back in the 60s. Faded ‘Torrance Beach Surf Shop’ logos on the sides point to SoCal as a likely homebase. Styling was ‘King’ in the early ’60s and this big wagon is a perfect...

Kelly Rae Porter