Starnger things

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Stranger Things with these top ideas and tips. Discover how to recreate the nostalgia and suspense of the hit TV series in your own home.
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He never listened to what Nancy said and made her feel stupid for worrying about Barb, he broke Jonathan's camera on purpose (even though, yes, Jonathan was being kind of creepy at the time), and then he called Nancy a slut via graffiti just because he saw her with Jonathan. Oh, and his friends were all the actual worst.

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“Stranger Things” has quickly become one of the most binge-watched shows of the summer. The totally ’80s vibe and killer acting has made this a Netflix original series you just can’t miss. Are you longing to be a part of this incredible throwback series? Do you think you have what it takes to defeat the Demogorgon? How far would you go to save one of your friends? Take our quiz to find out which role you’re meant to play…

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