Starbucks city mugs

Discover the iconic Starbucks city mugs collection and embark on a journey to explore the unique coffee cultures from around the world. Start your collection today and bring a piece of global coffee heritage to your home.
Starbucks mugs! I have a few 'You Are Here' mugs from Starbucks. There are not mine, but I would like to add to my collection... Las Vegas, Starbucks Mugs Collection, Starbucks Malaysia, Starbucks Ceramic Mug, Starbucks City Mugs, Starbucks Design, Mugs Collection, Mug Display, Starbucks Lovers

Starbucks You Are Here Collection Mugs on Ebay

Our Starbucks You Are Here Collection Mugs My husband and I decided to collect Starbucks You Are Here Collection Mugs this year, and we've collected the 14 different kinds of mugs so far. If truth be told, we finally became sellers on Ebay to sell Starbucks mugs! :) As you might know, Starbucks You Are Here Collection mugs are released locally only, so it's not easy to collect so many mugs in different states. The reason why we decided to become sellers was my sister in Japan. After we…

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RELIEF MUGS MASTER LIST! July 24, 2014 CHINA Beijing Chengdu Guangzhou Hangzhou Hong Kong Nanjing Ningbo Qingdao Shanghai Shenzhen Suzhou Xian CZECH REPUBLIC Prague FRANCE Paris GERMANY Berlin KOREA Busan Gyeongju Jeju Seoul MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur Malacca Penang Sabah Sarawak NETHERLANDS Amsterdam NEW ZEALAND Auckland (soon to be released) Wellington(soon to be released) RUSSIA Moscow St. Petersburg SINGAPORE Singapore TAIWAN Hsinchu Kaohsiung Taichun Tainan Taipei Taiwan Tianjin UNITED…

So there are OTHERS as nutty as me, about collecting Starbucks City Mugs!  (plus, I think I need these shelves!) Organisation, Been There Series Starbucks Mugs Display, Modern Destination Wedding, Cup Display, Starbucks City Mugs, Mug Storage, Coffee Mug Display, Collection Displays, Mug Display

Cashing in on Coffee: Prices Soar for Starbucks Coffee Mugs

My research as of the writing of this article discovered a auction back in 2010 where a rare 1994 Starbucks City Mug Minneapolis St. Paul, sold for $1,500. It is also rumored that one sold prior for $2,000. In 2004 a woman paid upwards of $1,000 for one of the Starbucks City mugs. In 2009 eBay auction a 1994 New Orleans 20 oz. mug that displayed a Bourbon Street sign sold for over $528.00 and in another auction another mug of the same city sold for over $800! As of the writing of this…

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