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Transform your staircase with beautiful window designs that bring in natural light. Explore top ideas to enhance the aesthetics and brightness of your home.
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A new family home is designed to connect with its serene, natural setting while providing ample opportunities to gather.When the homeowners purchased this secluded parcel in Concord, there were no existing structures on the three-acre property, a lush meandering combination of meadow and farmland punctuated by historic white oak trees. They sought to preserve the tucked away,

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Abacus House | Studio XSThe Abacus house is designed around two paradoxical ideas: Over build on a small site and considering we are overbuilding how do we maximize the minimal resources of light and ventilation that are still available to us? An abacus is a device for making a mathematical calculation. On the Ground floor and the first floor being able to see across the length of the site, one experiences the length of the site creating a feeling of expanse and openness. Horizontal…

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