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It's the Spending, Stupid - ESI Money Saving Habits, Certified Financial Planner, Own Your Own Business, Game Change, Higher Income, Spending Habits, Home Health Care, Saving For Retirement, Lost Money

It's the Spending, Stupid - ESI Money

I’m a bit older than most of you reading this. Even so, many of you have likely heard the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.” (I have not only heard it, but lived through it.) Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it: “It’s the economy, stupid” is a slight variation of the phrase “The economy, […]

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A Simple Way to Save: the $5 Savings Jar Money Saving Jar, Money Jar, Rainy Day Fund, Savings Jar, Excel Tips, Money Jars, Household Budget, Budget Saving, Get Out Of Debt

A Simple Way to Save: the $5 Savings Jar

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