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Improve your spelling skills by mastering common spelling patterns. Explore fun and effective techniques to enhance your spelling abilities and become a spelling pro.
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I’m sure meltdowns never happen at your house or in your classroom because they never happen here {roll eyes}. Earlier this week, we had a pretty big one over the spelling of the word rain. Yes, rain. My dear, sweet ALuv {2nd grade} kept trying to spell rain like RANE. I assured him that while ... Read More about Learning to Spell Using Patterns Within Words {FREE Printable Included!}

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FREE au/aw word list and 11 interactive activities for teaching the au/aw spelling pattern! Aw Words, Phonics Chart, Phonics Rules, Spelling Rules, Spelling Patterns, English Phonics, Phonics Games, Phonics Words, Spelling Activities

When teaching a phonics skill it’s often helpful to use a key word and picture to help the students remember the sound to the letter combinations. For the au/aw phonics bundle, my fabulous artist created “paw” themed borders and game boards and they turned out absolutely adorable! I just love them! This phonics bundle contains […]

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