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Explore the future of space travel with these futuristic spaceship design ideas. Get inspired to create the ultimate spacecraft that will take us to new frontiers.
Artist Turns Everyday Objects Into Spaceship Designs, And The Result Is Out Of This World (11 Pics) Melaka, Model, Modeling, Vehicles, Rita, Gtfo, Ralph Mcquarrie, Transformers, Dioramas

Software engineer & artist Eric Geusz's work is proof that inspiration is everywhere around us. For quite some time now, Eric has been transforming common household objects into spectacular spaceship designs, and they're completely out of this world. From a can opener to a game controller, everything can be a rocket in Eric's mind.

Ola Wagner
ArtStation - Rocket Racoon Warbird - Plan views Sci Fi, 2d, Sci Fi Ships, Robot Concept Art, Space Fighter, Starship Concept, Space Ship Concept Art, Starship Design, Spacecraft Design

These are the final orthographic views of Rocket Racoon Warbird (Guardians of the Galaxy). This hi-res images are the result of weeks of work during the preproduction of the film in 2013. These images are really challenging as many parts of them are made in 2D with no 3D support. The Warbird is a chunkier spaceship if we compare it with The Milano, less sleek. Also, it shows different markings and colour layout as it is part of the Ravager fleet. The purpose of these detailed images was to…

Alejandro V.