Sonia delaunay

Discover the colorful and dynamic works of Sonia Delaunay, a pioneering artist of the 20th century. Immerse yourself in her abstract compositions and explore the intersection of art and design.
little augury: Lucy, Sonya, & the Kaleidoscope Cubism, Art, Museums, Abstract Expressionisme, Art Movement, Artist, Geometric Art, Abstract Geometric Art, Sonia Delaunay

As with most stories, fiction drives many more than fact. The vagaries of a story always add an allure- as with the John Lennon song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Whatever the realities of the song- I've always conjured the fantastical kaleidoscope patterns of Sonia Delaunay. While you may conjure an LSD induced trip via Sargent Pepper, or Lennon's son Julian's drawing about a classmate "Lucy"-songs become personal-we draw our own pictures from them. Picture yourself in a boat on a river…

Emily Tracy