Sole survivor

Explore the remarkable journeys of those who have emerged as the sole survivor. Discover their resilience, courage, and the lessons they can teach us about the power of the human spirit.
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Sole Survivor, Bethesda copyright. Digital sculpture for Hero Collector, Eaglemoss, ltd. I enjoyed working on the male character from the Fallout 4 collection as I always do when working on fictional worlds. The texturing work here is only for presentation purposes. The figurine was reproduced at 1/16 scale. Hope you like it, thanks!

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art by Atryl Once more into the breach! More Angel’s Pip-Boy Diary after the break. Thank you, everyone, for your advice and suggestions regarding mods. I am still manually scrapping because even if auto-scrapping works eventually, I don’t want to put up with the delays caused by the bug. However, I have incorporated two recommended mods into my game: Settlement Supplies Expanded 2.5 and Valdacil's Item Sorting. I use the new settlement items offered in Settlement Supplies Ex

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