Soil conditioner

Enhance the quality of your soil with the best soil conditioner products. Discover how these conditioners can help improve nutrient absorption and promote healthy plant growth for your garden.
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How To Safely Use Animal Manure For Fertilizer

One of the most tried and true homemade fertilizers for vegetable gardens is animal manure. For decades, farmers and gardeners have been using chicken, horse, and cow manure to fertilize their soil. In fact, manure does contain a lot of good nutrients and soil conditioners. But there are some things we need to know before...

Kerri Kerry : The Andersons HumiChar Organic Soil Amendment with Humic Acid and Biochar Covers 12,000 sq ft (12 lb) : Patio, Lawn & Garden Sod Installation, Humic Acid, Soil Conditioner, Organic Soil, Soil Health, Organic Matter, Potting Soil, Lawn And Garden, Lawn Garden

The Andersons HumiChar Organic Soil Amendment with Humic Acid and Biochar (40 lb)

About this item HumiChar is an organic, carbon-based soil amendment containing 50% high-quality humic acid and 50% granulated biochar -- Provides the benefit of quickly-available humic acid and the long-term soil building qualities of the biochar that lasts for decades Improve your soil health, lawn health, plant health, and reduce the use of fertilizers Easy to apply spherical, uniform, low dust formulation --Dispersible Granule, or "DG" Technology is The Andersons' patented nutrient…