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Boost your chances of passing the social work exam with these effective strategies. Discover tips, practice resources, and expert advice to help you succeed in your social work career.
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Every time an ambitious PhD gets hold of a grant, it seems like a new approach to psychotherapy is born. Which is great, but can be overwhelming. Just look at Wikipedia's list of psychotherapies for a sense of how vast the literature on psychotherapy is. If you're preparing for the social work exam, not to worry. What you might reasonably expect to see appear on the exam doesn't include that whole list. Far from it. The Code of Ethics directs social workers to utilize empirically validated…

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Past quizzes have kept you anchored by being about one topic or another. Today, we'll zip around in the ASWB exam outline to find various unrelated topics to draw questions from. Are you ready to pass the social work licensing exam? This is one way to find out. (Practice tests are another, better way, know that already.) Ready...set...go: 1. What is PIE theory? 2. DSM disorder characterized by abnormal thought processes and an unstable mood. The diagnosis is made when the person…

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Social Workers always need to be familiar with mental health-related medications especially when preparing for the exam. Below you'll find illustrations and a game to help you keep these meds in your memory bank:) Match the 5 categories to the boxes below: 1 3 5 2 4 The answers: 1) Psychostimulants 2) Antipsychotics 3)Antidepressants 4)Anti-Anxiety 5)Mood Stabilizers Did you get them all right? Click here to learn more

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