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Explore a wide range of stunning Snow White dolls for collectors and fans. Find the perfect doll to add to your collection or gift to a loved one who adores Snow White.
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All of the LE Snow White 17 inch dolls produced by Disney are shown in a group photo. They are all fully deboxed and are supported by their included display stands. Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening Snow White LE Doll (2016, #381 of 1200). Disney Store Snow White LE Doll (2009, #250 of 5000). Saks Fifth Avenue Snow White LE Doll (2017, #210 of 1000). Platinum Snow White, from the Disney Store Snow White and Prince LE Doll Set (2017, #480 of 650). Disney Store Rags Snow White LE Doll…

Snow White Limited Edition Doll Released by Disney Store 2017 5508 of 6500

Snow White Limited Edition Doll Released by Disney Store 2017 5508 of 6500

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D23 is over, but Jasmine, Merida and Belle limited edition dolls in their simplified version are coming to shopdisney later. So stay tuned!Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 85 anniversary limited edition dollYou can get it here.Snow White an animated film released in 1937, celebrates its 85th

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Snow White 16" Ball-Jointed Fashion Doll by Ashton Drake. Seen online at The Bradford Exchange in 2013. Made of collector-quality vinyl that is fully articulated for multiple poses--sitting, dancing, etc. Hand-painted features. Gown accessorized with sparkling simulated rubies and a removable cape. Limited Edition of 2500. Included a certificate of authenticity. Retail $179.99. Stock images via The Bradford Exchange.

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I have to admit that I cannot afford to buy D23 Fairytale Golden Snow White, even how hard I have tried. The price is gone over 500 ++ and I don't think that I will spend that amount for a doll. So more or less, I picked up my limited edition 17" snow white and dressed her up with Rapunzel wedding gown. She's just perfect with the color and pattern of the gown. I added a necklace from Barbie accessory pack (which is my favorite as the necklace itself is so versatile) and then the tiara from…