Smoked chicken recipes

Elevate your BBQ game with these mouthwatering smoked chicken recipes. From classic flavors to unique twists, explore our top recipes and impress your guests with a flavorful feast.
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There are two fundamental challenges with making smoked chicken breast - dry meat and rubbery, tough skin. But fear not, those two challenges can be easily overcome with the addition of a couple of simple steps. I've had such tremendous success with these improved smoked chicken breasts that I keep making them again and again....Read More

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Smoked Spatchcock Chicken is incredible juicy and moist with a faster cooking time and lots of great smoke flavor thanks to more surface area of the chicken that is exposed to the smoke! The low, slow heat and wood smoke make the most mouthwatering, gorgeous chicken you have ever seen!

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The best chicken – EVERRRR! See how to make Traeger smoked chicken breasts without brine! This super smoky main dish recipe comes with two seasoning ideas. Let’s smoke chicken in the pellet grill to PERFECTION!! |