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There’s cute. Then there’s super cute. And finally, there’s ‘Tiny Animals on Fingers’ cute! Correct us if we’re wrong, but Bored Panda believes that the smaller the animal, the cuter it tends to look. (No offense to all of you BIG animals out there—we still love you very very much! We totally think you’re cute, too, but in a different way.)

nia ౨ৎ
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It's always funny when somebody trips and falls or does something random and quirky, but we can guarantee, that animals getting into wacky hijinx are even more ridiculous. And what better way to snap and send the pictures of these kooky four-leggers than using Snapchat. We can bet, that if these funny animals had fingers, sufficient enough to press the camera buttons, they would share the photos themselves, but for now, we have compiled a list of funny Snapchats taken by humans.

Mia Melody
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Two small black dots were staring at me from a hole in the snow. Then I saw the pink nose below the dots: a Long-tailed weasel was glaring at me between two snow-covered rocks. For an hour I watched the weasel dart from hole to hole hunting for some food – but none was captured, […]