Slow cooker garlic parmesan potatoes

Discover a mouthwatering recipe for slow cooker garlic parmesan potatoes. These flavorful and creamy potatoes are the perfect side dish for any meal. Try them today and impress your taste buds!
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SLOW COOKER PARMESAN GARLIC POTATOES -- Small yellow potatoes are coated in olive oil, butter, garlic and seasonings, then slow cooked until tender and tossed with Parmesan cheese before serving. I can never go

Carey Siegel
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Slow Cooker Garlic Mashed Potatoes - Mashed potatoes are an important part of Thanksgiving, but they sure do require a lot of babysitting. You’ve got to bring water to a boil, then make sure the potatoes don’t overcook in the water, drain them, then go back to the pot to put it all together. With Crock-Pot mashed potatoes, everything happens right in the slow-cooker.

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