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Uncover the secrets of sleep and dreams. Discover tips, techniques, and ideas to improve your sleep and enhance your dreams for a better, more restful night's rest.
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42/52 It is very, very cold in Chicago right now! The lowest temperatures I have ever experienced. This past weekend I went hiking in a couple national parks and while I had every intention of shooting it was just too bitter and windy to even take the gloves off. So I brought a little bit of the outdoors inside with me and spent a couple hours cleaning it all up afterwards :) *I offer limited edition signed prints of my images, send me an email for more info!

Kinsey Elizabeth
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Acrylic on Canvas framed to Guild of Framers Museum standard :: Painting :: Classical :: This piece comes with an official certificate of authenticity signed by the artist :: Ready to Hang: Yes :: Signed: Yes :: Signature Location: Lower Right :: Canvas :: Portrait :: Original :: Framed: Yes :: Framed size 20.0"h x 16.0"w x 1.0"d

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Take our quiz to learn how you can work with your internal clock to get more (and better!) rest. IT STARTED BACK in our school days: We woke up early because we had to catch the bus and get to class. Then as teenagers, we stayed up late to do homework, talk on the phone, teenagers. Now, as adults, we burn the candle at both ends—and as a result, most of us have totally thrown off our natural sleep/wake rhythms. Each of us has a built-in clock that determines when we’re most drowsy…

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When You Can't Sleep So You Re-read That Text From A Year Ago And It Bothers You Just As Much As It Did The First Time Animation, Illustrators, Art, Inspiration, When You Sleep, When You Cant Sleep, Can't Sleep, Cant Sleep, Sleep Deprivation

I've been working in the animation industry as a character and background designer for several years. After bringing other people's visions to life, I had an intense need to create work for myself, so I started drawing on post-its and making comics in my down time. Usually, I'd draw a character with the focus on her facial expression. Then I began writing captions to go with the illustrations and people seemed to really respond to the captions -- So it became a habit.

John Htun Htet