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Discover the best Simplicity tractors for efficient and hassle-free lawn care. Upgrade your outdoor maintenance with these top-rated tractors and enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn.
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I just picked this beast form a guy that owned it for over 15 years , he is moving to a warmer weather , he listed it last night , my eyes popped out when I saw it lol , super clean , that KT19 runs like new . Seat like new . Original manuals. The deck u won't hear it when engager , unbelievable ...

Simple trACtors, LLC
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First, our newest homestead acquisition 1967 Simplicity Model W Walking Tractor, once sold by Montgomery Ward. Shown with plow attachment, ours has a Briggs & Stratton 8 hp engine. We have been looking for one of these for years! Not specifically this make or model (1967 Simplicity Model W Walking Tractor), but we have been wanting a 2-wheel (AKA walk-behind or walking) tractor. Finally, all things worked together: price, funds, location, availability, and in good working order! The bonus…

Francisco Rubio