Shoulder rehab

Recover from a shoulder injury with these effective rehab exercises. Strengthen your shoulder muscles and regain mobility to get back to your active lifestyle.
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The cause of shoulder pain is a broad and complicated discussion. Or is it? A diagnosis of 'shoulder pain' covers a broad list of aches, pains, and injuries. And it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of predisposing factors, special tests, and individual rehab protocols. Terms such as shoulde

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Our latest edition of the Shoulder Exercise book - Shoulder Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Guide to Shoulder Exercise Therapy The Shoulder Exercise Book is a patient-specific booklet to assist patients and therapists through their rehabilitation period. It comprises the most up-to-date exercises for shoulder rehabilitation, which combine all aspects of shoulder recovery - motion, strengthening, proprioception and core stability. The book has descriptions of the exercises, with numerous…

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