Short waist

Discover the best clothing styles and tips to flatter your short waist. Learn how to enhance your figure and create a balanced silhouette with these fashion ideas.
How to dress petite inverted triangle - Fashion for Your Body Type

Short waist is a common body feature, especially among petite women. However, it is quite possible for you to be tall and still have a short waist. Whether your waist is long or short is relative to your own body, it has little to do with your height. In this detailed guide, you'll learn everything about what it means to have a short waist and what type of clothing you should stay away from in order to de-emphasize it.

Karen Phillips
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Your vertical body proportions are another important piece in the art of dressing well. Vertical proportions are the relation of your body parts to each other and as a whole. The length of your legs compared to your upper body, your waistline, your head size and neck length all factor into vertical proportion. With all