Ship quotes

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of famous ship quotes. Let these powerful words ignite your passion for adventure and the open sea. Set sail on a journey of inspiration and discovery.
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K. Towne Jr., one of Instagram's best poets, takes his life experiences and transforms them into art, so after sitting down with him for this interview, we collected 39 of his best love quotes and poems just for you.

Amanda Lehigh
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The beautiful thing about life, is that it ebbs and flows like the ocean tides. If you're willing to move in her waves and let her take you where she so desires... you will find yourself surrounded by new experiences. In my absense from blogging many things have changed in my life. Every one for the better. That last sentence is tough to write, because one of the changes was putting our white cat down. Mr. Shudders suffered from seizures and we tried a variety of medications to help him. One…

Dana Moore
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