Shed homes

Explore innovative shed home designs and turn your dream of living in a unique and cozy space into reality. Discover top ideas to create a stylish and functional shed home.

Commonly referred to as a Shed-House – ‘Shouse’ or Shed-Home – ‘Shome’, a livable shed turned house is a popular way to create a budget home with plenty of open plan living space. The benefits of using a typical shed style layout include having large non-structural wall spans and an…

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the magic of this simple look SOURCE: Country Home Magazine I have long loved the classic, colonial look, of the black barn. Living in New York and often traveling to New England, this style and color of barn can easily be spotted throughout your travels. Yet in these past few years the black barn has become a modern architectural phenomenon that is now taking on the concept of 'home' for many. Here in this post I am sharing a curated collection (every image is linked) to some of my favorite…

Stacy Kammert