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Explore a collection of beautiful shawlette patterns for knitting enthusiasts. Discover unique designs and techniques to create your own stylish shawlette and elevate your knitting skills.
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True Blue Shawlette On most occasions, I try to keep my knitting fairly seasonal (or representative of the months to come). I'm sure that's why I bought this yarn and started this shawlette months ago, only to get hung up by my uncooperative forearms. Now that I've finally finished the piece, though, we should all just pretend it's summer again, and that the cold breeze I felt this afternoon was actually as balmy as July's winds. Or not, in which case you can file this pattern away for next…

Winnie Fung
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I finally finished a couple of long-term works in progress last week, and decided to reward myself by casting on for something new. The yarn I spun during this year’s Tour de Fleece has been taunting me, specifically a wild combination of dark grey merino and random mini batts. I may or may not have

Karla Geltz Howard
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The True Blue Knit Shawlette is a short shawl that can work in a variety of different seasons. This free knitting pattern is a great stashbuster, because it's completely scalable in size. You can make it big or small depending on how much yarn you have. It is worked from the rounded bottom up, so the size is completely dependent on how much material you have and how long you want to work. The design is essentially composed of lace and garter stitch and the end result is quite striking. In…

Jacqueline Chaplin