Shark tooth wire wrap

Discover unique and stylish wire wrap jewelry ideas featuring shark teeth. Add a touch of nature and sophistication to your style with these captivating accessories.
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Shark Tooth Wire Wrapped Pendant on Chain Necklace - Etsy

Chain necklace (nickel free) with genuine fossilized shark tooth pendant with turquoise bead. Chain is approximately 18” long, and shark tooth measures almost 0.75” tall. This pendant is a wire wrapped genuine fossilized shark tooth that I personally collected from the beaches of Northeast Florida.

maddie bishop
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Crystal Quartz Shark Tooth Lariat Necklace | Etsy

This lariat shark tooth necklace is the cutest, it is on crystal quartz chip chain with 18K gold plated findings. The necklace is 15 inches around the neck and then it drops down & has a white mako shark tooth wire wrapped on to it with gold non tarnishing wire!