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Discover the top secular homeschool curriculum options that provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education for your child. Take control of your child's learning journey with these engaging and effective curriculum choices.
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Find the perfect secular homeschool history curriculum for your family with our comprehensive guide. Discover resources that engage critical thinking, analysis, and cultural understanding, from prehistoric times to modern history. Whether you're a veteran or a newbie, our guide will help you find the ideal curriculum to make history come alive for your children. Give them a comprehensive and engaging secular education in history today!

Homeschool of 1: Kids Printables & Fun Activities
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When I first thought about homeschooling my kids a couple years back… I only had two kids then and I currently have four. I had the mindset that homeschool needed to recreate a classroom setting. I bought lots of workbooks and printed a lot of things. I had an entire file system for my 3 and 1 year old at the time. I browsed Pinterest and printed all the things. All the things I thought would help me best create […]

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Blossom & Root First Grade: Wonder, Discovery, and Delightful Foundations! Click here to see First Grade in our store! Scope and Sequence: Click here to download the scope and sequence for First Grade / Level 1. Please note that this scope and sequence reflects the new second edition of First Grade / Level 1 Language Arts. Book List (Required books are not included with purchase) Important: The Second Edition of Level 1 (first grade) LA has been released. At this time, both the first and…

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