Sea lion

Explore the fascinating world of sea lions with stunning pictures and interesting facts. Learn about their behavior, habitat, and more. Dive into the oceanic adventure now!
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To get up close to inquisitive wild Sea Lions head to Jurien Bay about a 2.5 drive north of Perth. Take a sea lion watching cruise and you'll find these graceful swimmers love to show off in front of the camera. The Australian sea lion is the world's rarest species - it's believed there are less than 12,000 remaining along the country's southern coastline. One of their main breeding grounds lies offshore from Jurien Bay giving you a chance to watch sea lions in the wild.

De Tobias
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I spent one week in the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador and there was one animal that I couldn't avoid... Sea lions. They are everywhere! You can't go a day without seeing one. The best part about it is that they are super cute and friendly! They sometimes come right up to you! However, be careful because some of them might charge at you!