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Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Scottish language. Discover fascinating words and phrases that will transport you to the enchanting land of Scotland.
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The Scots Language Today we will be finding out all about the Scots language. Although Gaelic was, and still is spoken, throughout the Highlands and Islands, the Scots language was mostly used by the Lowland population. Robert Burns - Scotland's National Poet Today the language exists mostly as a dialect where colloquialisms or 'slang' is used in conjunction with the English language.

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Writing Accents with Milo Thatch

Accents are essential for worldbuilding, can make a very defining trait for characters, and are just part of making your book more realistic. I have been fascinated with accents since I was a child and I've been imitating them for years to the amusement of even some of the native speakers. But accents are also tricky to write. You don't want to butcher an accent and disrespect the speaker or sound inauthentic, or sometimes you want to write an accent and you just have no idea how to start…

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