Sci fi pilot helmet

Step into the future with our collection of sci-fi pilot helmets. Explore top designs and find the perfect helmet to complete your sci-fi cosplay or add a unique touch to your collection.
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For this modification the two multiplayer references will be used as a base, both the base skin (the pilot's default) and the one used for the different camouflages provided by the game in its customization. These are modifications in the helmet model as well as the textures in certain areas, from a new area to color to the elimination of parts. In this publication I will be updating all the variants I make of the Titanfall 2 A-Wall helmet, both modifications that only involve the helmet…

Allan Mac
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Two years ago, thanks to talented directors Jonathan and Josh Baker, I had the opportunity to work on their cool movie project. Here is the second part of the art exploration about the helmet of the Cleaners. #KIN #KINmovie Here is the trailer: Now playing in thearters and IMAX.

Daniel Botezatu