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Explore futuristic sci-fi building designs that will ignite your imagination. Discover innovative ideas and architectural concepts to create a cutting-edge and otherworldly structure.
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These are part of a Sci Fi Kitbash Set I got to make and publish through Terraform Studios! These were super fun to make and design. They are part of a larger Sci Fi Buildings and Sci Fi Street Props Kitbash Set. You can check out the sets here:

ArtStation - Amphibious assault ship concept, Yinan Shao Destroyer Ship, Battleship, Warship Model, Fighter Jets, Armored Vehicles, Aircraft Carrier, Futuristic Cars, Military Weapons, Combat Art

Near future LHD ship concept. Armed with 2 Ram, 2 MK15 CIWS, 16 units of VLS, a 57 bofors gun same as swedish visby class. Carrying 2 LCAC landing craft, 6-8 helicopters on the deck. If you interest in the model, I'm selling it on turbosquid.

Mauro Lima