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After a day of teaching the bundles of energy that are elementary school students, few teachers really look forward to sitting in a staff meeting. Starting meetings with activities can help you as a principal in a variety of ways. Your teachers get to have some fun, learn some new activities for the classroom and, as ...

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“Apart from Christ, we are nothing” was the theme of this TeenPact event in early 2018. Through teaching, prayer, worship, and classes, future staff members from across the country came together to learn how to be effective student leaders. We had the opportunity to photograph this five day event that occurred in a cold, but […]

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School Counselor Sara : Wins and Fails in Staff Morale Boosting! #fails, School Counsellor, Employee Appreciation Gifts, Staff Appreciation Gifts, Staff Appreciation, School Counselor, Teacher Morale, Employee Morale Boosters, Work Fundraisers

We win some, we lose some! Here are some of my WINS and FAILS when it comes to boosting staff morale. I use the terms WIN and FAIL quite loosely as any effort is really a win. The FAILS mentioned below are examples of things that didn't have the full effect that I hoped or took a lot of time/money/energy. Let's start with some positive ones though! WIN: Bulletin Boards in the Staff Lounge! There are two main bulletin boards that I like to do in the staff lounge that I have found to be…

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