Sand casting aluminum

Discover the process of sand casting aluminum and learn how to create your own DIY projects. Get inspired and start casting unique aluminum creations today.
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In this post I am going to try and cover for those who are interested in the setup of a home made/backyard foundry. This is all based on my experience with aluminum metal casting. I tried different methods learning mostly by reading about metal casting and practical trial and error, whatever worked the best for me ;-) I have to state that this post as all my other posts is based on my experience and is not a guide on "how to". If anyone decides to use my method he will to do it on his on…

Becky Taylor
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How to Do Aluminum Sand Casting - Alligator: Hi, This video shows you all the steps needed to do a finished aluminum casting in your backyard foundry. We start out by ramming up the sand mold using our pattern, lighting the furnace and melting the aluminum. Then the sand mold gets poured and I…

Frank Fenriz Jensen