Rustic books

Embrace the charm of rustic books with these cozy reading ideas. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your space and get lost in the pages of captivating stories.
Lighting of the Library bookcase made in limed oak; designed, made, finished and fitted by  Rupert Bevan ltd. Inspiration, Ideas, Layout, Bathroom Ideas, Wardrobes, Bathroom, Small Bathroom Remodel, Bathrooms Remodel, Master Bathroom

Over the past few years, bookshelf styling has become increasing popular. Bookshelves are not only a means of a book lovers storage, but bookshelves can also creatively tell the story of you. Creative displays of books, mixed with vintage finds, travel treasures, framed photos, potted succulents and even jewelry all help to tell the story of your lifestyle, your passion, your family, your past or even a season. Some homes already come with enormous bookshelves built in, and some can be…

Jacqueline Sneed
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Med dessa enligt mig, fantastiskt inspirerande bilder som jag lånat HÄR, vill jag önska er alla en vacker helg. Min kommer att spenderas i garaget där ännu flera nyheter har flyttat in, samt fortsatt chans till fynd! Så har ni vägarna förbi är hoppas jag att ni kikar in :) Tusen tack för alla hälsningar om huset som ni har skickat mig, både här och via mail. Det är så stort och så oerhört generöst. TACK ❤ Kärlek // Goa

aaron quinn
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A warm, distressed farmhouse look with this stack of books. The 5 books are just waiting to be used again. Books are old, not just books trying to be old. Includes twine and bells. Scottish Chiefs 1926 Don't Die on Third 1936 Pulpit Mirrors 1927 Closing the Ring 1951 Disraeli 1967

The Old Book Shelf