Runners knee

Discover effective techniques to treat and prevent runners knee. Get back on track and enjoy your running routine with these helpful tips and exercises.

Knee pain is the bain of many runner's existence. It stops them dead in their (running) tracks. If you've experienced knee pain while running, you know how frustrating it is - and you probably want to know how to prevent runner's knee to avoid this pain, right? Keep reading to learn more about runner's knee, it's symptoms, it's causes, and most importantly: effective ways to treat runner's knee so you can enjoy running again! What is Runner's Knee? You may hear runner's knee referred to as…

Julie King
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Is there any injury more ubiquitous than runner's knee? It’s within the popular lexicon as one of the eternal enemies of the distance runner. Aching or stabbing pain around the kneecap has kept runners young and old from enjoying the sport they love. The good news is that biomechanical research has uncovered ways you can treat

Tiffany Zimmerman Parrish
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Runner's knee sucks. There's no other way to say it. You know how debilitating runner's knee pain can be if you've experienced it before. Every step hurts. It stops runners in their tracks. Runner's knee is so prevalent that 1 in 4 physically active people suffers from it* - yikes! But there are some preventative measures to prevent runner's knee from happening (or from coming back again), and they're really pretty easy to integrate into your weekly workout schedule. This post may contain…

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