Royal king

Explore the fascinating world of the Royal King and learn about their majestic reign. Uncover the secrets of their power and influence throughout history.
Portraiture during the Age of Revolution reached a peak of representational accuracy, but in terms of propaganda and symbol, the art form was never more surreal. Thomas Gainsborough, William Hogarth, Hannover, Hanoverian Kings, William Turner, King George Iii, King George, Royal King, British Monarchy

Portrait of King George III, 1779, by Sir Joshua Reynolds The Age of Revolution was a time of great change in the intellectual and political life of Europe and America. Portrait painting—previously considered an inferior art—rose in prominence. On the one hand, portraits reached a peak of representational virtuosity. At the same time, they became overwhelmingly symbol-laden and propagandistic. The majority of Europe still lived under kings who ruled by Divine Right. Those kings generally…