Rounded nails

Get inspired with trendy and chic ideas for rounded nails. Discover the perfect nail shape that complements your style and create a stunning look for any occasion.
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What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You

The same can be said about nail fashion, which is always evolving with the broader culture. You may strive to stay up with the latest nail art trends, but there is a certain form that you always seem to return to, either because it suits your nails or because it is an expression of your

Shirley MacGregor
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The 5 Best Nail Shapes For Fat Fingers - Lauren Erro

This post has the best nail shapes for fat fingers. Having fat fingers is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with it at all! Most of the pictures of hands or nails that we see online don't correctly depict what is normal (and most pictures are photoshopped!). I was blessed with my dad's hands

Lauren Erro