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Menstrual cycle mood swings? This is how to feel better - Ascending Grace

Balance your mood naturally! Your cycle doesn't need to affect your mood or productivity. Start tracking this to feel better now!

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A Practical Guide To Creating Your Own Full Moon Ritual - Days Inspired

Each month, the full moon gives us the opportunity to connect more deeply with ourselves, celebrate our progress, and let go of things that no longer serve us. Creating a full moon ritual can help you consciously make the most of the full moon each month. Full moon rituals stem from spiritual beliefs, but they […]

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Lunar magic: New Moon Rituals

This lunar phase is ideal for removing all kinds of obstacles that prevent that we grow our prosperity and economic well-being. The moon has a great influence on the Earth and its inhabitants. She not only acts on the tides and crops, but also in our own lives, influencing our States of mind, decisions, and good luck. This natural satellite sends us, in each of its phases, different energies that if we channel and leverage well, can be used constructively to get health, money, and love, or what you're looking for. Working with the Moon implies what its phase changes, how behaves in each period, and what is best to do. Let's see these rituals attract money with New Moon. Read more about Lunar Magic: Esbats: Wiccan full moon rituals LUNAR PHASES Throughout each month, the Moon is changing its appearance due to its movement around our planet and the changes it produces in the shadow projected on the surface of the satellite earth. The phases are 4: full moon, Crescent, new, and growing. In this article we will focus on the growing phase, since it is a period in which things increase, expand, grow businesses, fortune, and purchasing power if it knows how to use it. Practice lunar magic will allow us to take advantage of these star inflows and modify our economic situation. RITUAL OF LUNAR MAIDEN Currently, only some pagan religions, such as Wicca, continue to venerate the Moon Goddess, symbol par excellence of the feminine, fertility, motherhood among other attributes. The Moon is the power of women who formerly wore the calendars according to phases and elaborated the menstrual cycles of pregnancy, crops, etc. But with the advancement of civilization and the generation of new companies, the Moon, and his cult was relegated only to poets and dreamers. However, its influence is really about us and nobody can escape it. If you want to achieve a strong connection with this satellite, prepare this ritual of the Moon maiden (growing quarter) and done during that phase. (See box on the Lunar calendar) You will need to: Candles: white, orange, gray, violet, green, and Red Sesame oil Golden glitter Procedure: A new moon night, draw a star of five points on Earth if you are outdoors or in a dish placed on the floor if you are inside a room. Mix the oil with the glitter and anoint the candle, stroking them with oil from their bases toward the tips. First light the white candle, which will be his astral candle, and will represent it. Place it in the center of the star. Then turn on the candles in the order indicated above. Go to placing them at each point of the star and say the phrase that corresponds to each one, as follows: Orange candle (attracts money): "this represents the fortune that is coming to me. I welcome". Grey candle (attracts the lunar influence): "I welcome you to the New Moon. It will neutralize my bad luck and attract prosperity into my life." Violet candle (transmutes negativity into positive): "I thank fortune that is coming to me. I open my arms to receive it". Green candle (bad luck away): "this is my bad luck, and as the wax will melt before the silvery rays of my protector, the Lunar goddess". Red candle (attracts the sudden change): "This is the astral energy that I need to speed up the change". At the end, leave candles are used up completely and dispatch the remains in running water. CELEBRATION GREEK OF PROSPERITY The ancient Greeks performed during the waxing Moon, a celebration for eradicating poverty and attract prosperity. It consisted in preparing a home altar and put on a tray, plated with three coins (the highest value), a bowl of salt (the material power), a bowl with oil (vehicle), and a sprig of mint (or Mint). The night that the moon changes to growing room a golden candle is taken, weights – with the help of a needle is covered completely with the sign and turns in the tray, at the time saying the following: "Divine Providence grants me prosperity. The waxing Moon me free from my shortcomings. The entire universe wants my well-being and I myself to him to thank him." TO START A NEW ECONOMIC COURSE Many times we fail in attempts to start a business, do a certain job,s or a well-paid job. We must turn the tide, but we lack decision, forces, or don't know where to go. Then, it is time to offer our concerns to the Moon so it clears them and mark our road. Wait until it enters this phase, donning white, go to an open place, and perform the following ritual: Take left hand a candle holder with a lighted white candle and with the right hand a knife that had never been used. Go to the North and say: "which of the North Star to take my economic and labor problems". Then head South and say: "that my insecurities and doubts dissipate". Point the knife towards the West and say: ' that the obstacles preventing me to move to collapse". Then point to the East and say: "the White Goddess wash my problems and grant me your blessing". Finally, key knife on Earth, raise the arms to the Moon and say: "I will put prudence and patience so that it will change my future. A new beginning starts today under your protection, maiden of the night". Here ends this article on lunar magic: rituals attract money with New Moon. You can continue browsing this site to find more white magic and ritual spells for love, money spells, and health rituals. If you've read this far and enjoyed my spell, you can make a donation to this website. this website is maintained thanks to small contributions from readers Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Plus About Me Hi, I'm Amira Asmdodea. I was born in Brazil so many years ago. There I made my first steps in religion and witchcraft. I have learned Wicca in Ireland, Voodoo in Haiti, Gypsy Tarot in Bulgaria, and I have lived for a time in New York, where I had the opportunity to meet the greatest witches of these times. if you want to know more about me, click here to read my full biography. Welcome to my website and Blessings. RELATED POSTS

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Incenses meaning and uses in rituals and witchcraft

Here you'll find a list of incenses meaning and uses to attract (or to banish) any kind of energy into your house, your work and your life, kinds of incense to use for specific desires and the main scents you'll find of natural incenses.

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Grief Candle / Intention Candle / Essential Oil - One Grief Candle

Meet , a pet, a job or a relationship. This candle is 4 oz of hand poured soy wax in a glass jar with a metal lid. This candle has a wood wick and is infused with organic essential oils to help relieve the feelings of grief.Grief affects the heart so the oils we've used target the heart chakra. Lavender and chamomile were added to bring peace and ease one into a calm. Rose absolut can help to heal the heart and secure warm memories. Patchouli was added to deepen the scent and also the feeling. It aids in bereavement and depression. Make sure that each emotion is acknowledged and felt but can be let go of. You are not letting go of the person or their memory. Cedarwood helps to find ones footing and figure out what to do next and orange gives a little lift and feeling of lightness; it's the calm after the storm.We've topped it with roses for acknowledgement & memory, salt for purity & cleansing and a hand picked and charged piece of amethyst. We chose amethyst as it is the most beneficial to the grieving process. It is said to clear negative energy, protects the grieving person from unwanted entities that can attach themselves during times of grief and releases anger, rage and fear (all normal parts of the grieving process.) It relieves stress and anxiety and rids the body of negative emotions. It's a wonderful support stone. I suggest removing it before lighting and keeping it close to the heart chakra. You may even take it with you and hold it in times of stress.Light this candle with love and acknowledgement that pain is part of the grieving process. Be open and have a grateful heart.This candle is a wonderful accompaniment to meditation, quiet prayer, reflection on the loved one lost or as an aide to figure out one's next step. This candle was made with a warm and loving heart energy.This listing is for 1 blessings candle. Candle is part of the crystal collection and is 2 of 6. Full set will include: 1 blessings, 1 abundance, 1 peace, 1 love spell, 1 grief and 1 space clearing candle.Essential oil blend is rose patchouli lavender cedarwood orange and chamomileOther Info:OrganicCompletely cruelty-freeNo sulfates, phthalates or parabens…everNo synthetic dyes or fragrancesCompletely all-natural and safeZero waste companyPackaging upcycled when possibleEverything is made with love <3***This product has not been approved by the FDA though the individual ingredients have. This is not intended to replace the advice of a physician nor is it intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Herbs for the Beginner Witch. Kitchen Witchcraft. Beginner magic

Using herbs and spices found in your kitchen, add to your magic for money spells, love charms and more.Beginner witch and witchcraft friendly

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Full Moon Ritual Manifestation Money

#manifestation #manifestations #manifestationcoach #manifestationbabe #manifestationbox

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Set Intentions with a New Moon Ritual

A new moon is often viewed as a symbol of new beginnings. Think of it like hitting the reset button. It's a time to renew your goals and set your intentions for the cycle ahead.

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