Riddles for kids

Engage your child's mind with fun and challenging riddles. Explore a collection of brain teasers and puzzles that will entertain and educate your child. Start solving riddles together today!

Need some easy riddles for young kids? Something that they will have fun with and understand! Here are 50 simple riddles to have fun with!

Rachel Henry
hádanky - jedlo

Let's do English ESL warmer, filler, cooler. these are some easy riddles for kids about school objects, body parts, weather, fruits, animals... all the riddles…

Majka Bednárová

These are the best riddles for kids. Riddles and jokes are naturally appealing to kids. They're like little puzzles for their imagination that can boost their confidence and allow them to explore being silly with language for the first time. Read More

Falen Chappell
Brain teasers, riddles & puzzles card game (set 2) - English ESL Worksheets

Second set of 21 cards (42 in total)ss play in groups or pairs, one player takes a card and the other has to guess which is the puzzle presented on the card, every time the answer is correct one point goes to the player. You can set a time for playing the game and the ss who has got more points it´s the winner. Another option will be to take it in turns and give, for example 5 minutes to each ss, to see how many cards can guess in the given time. If you think of other possibilies, as playing…

Dianna Casanova