Ribbon quilt

Add a touch of creativity to your bedding with a vibrant and textured ribbon quilt. Explore top ideas to design a unique and cozy quilt that will elevate the look of your bedroom.

For years, I've had people ask me if I make ribbon quilts. And I've always just said that's not really what I do. But this time, I couldn't say no. This time it was my own family - my cousin Emily in Illinois. And I think maybe I'd gotten tempered to the idea by un-assuming Pinterest posts. At any rate, I'm so glad I agreed to try this, because I ended up really enjoying it! Emily sent me all the ribbons and rosettes that she'd saved up during her career in 4-H and FFA - most were livestock…

Jackie Hoffmeister
Ribbon Pole Quilt - Man Sewing Patchwork, Quilts, Quilt Tutorials, Triangle, Quilt Block Patterns, Ribbon Quilt, Patchwork Quilts, Quilt Boarders, Quilt Border

If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you bring? Rob would bring a massive stack of half-square triangles. Why? Half square triangles are the ultimate building block! With a healthy supply of HSTs, you’ll be cranking out chevrons, stars, diamonds, and pinwheels ‘til the rescue ship arrives! This week Rob is using half-square triangles to make the Ribbon Pole quilt. You may know it as a Pole Twist, Ribbon Twist, or even DNA quilt. Whatever the name, this pattern is quick, easy…

Gail Jacob