Resin sculpture

Enhance your home decor with captivating resin sculpture ideas. Discover unique ways to incorporate resin sculptures into your space and create a stunning visual impact.
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Glass artist Ben Young (previously) just shared a glimpse of his latest sculptural works made from layers of cut laminate window panes. The bodies of water depicted in Young’s work are usually cut into cross-sections akin to textbook illustrations, creating translucent geometric islands that can appear both monolithic or chasmic. “I hope viewers might imagine the work as something ‘living’ that creates the illusion of space, movement, depth and sense of spatial being,” Young says. More

Iris Li
Artist Annalù Boeretto’s Explosive Liquid Sculptures Cast in Resin Glass | Colossal Wire Wrapping Diy, Painted Glass Art, Wine Glass Art, Stained Glass Ornaments, Colossal Art, Acrylic Pouring Art, Resin Sculpture, Modern Crafts, Sculpture Painting

Italian artist Annaluigia Boeretto (aka Annalù) imagines a world filled with liquid, where the pages of books or the petals of flowers seem to splash in every direction. The Venice-based artist works primarily with a form of resin to cast the delicate pools of water and glassy elements that comprise each sculpture. Annalù has an upcoming solo exhibition at East West Fine Art starting October 1, 2016, and you can see more of her work on Instagram. More

Patricia Werre