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Spring Poems

If you live near Boston you won't believe how beautiful it is out !! The kids keep saying !! The kids keep saying It's Summer!! These are some poems my class is learning this week during Shared Reading Time. Each child will get a copy for their poetry books. During Daily 5 Time a must do read a new poem/song chart. The student's illustrate their small copy to practice during Read To Self Time! Happy Spring!! word chunk OOK ~sight words and, you The kids love this poem!!! Click Here For…

Brandi Craycraft
Just For Now Poem, Poems To Myself, Thoughts Quotes Small, List Poems Poetry, Long Poems About Happiness, How Do You Write A Poem, Feel Better Poem, 12 Line Poems, Beautiful English Poems

It's ok to Write a List Poem

It Really Is by Amy LV Students - Today's poem speaks to something I have been thinking a lot about. Sometimes we people can worry about things that really will be ok in a day or a week, and when this happens, our worry can get in the way of our living. We people don't need to know everything, don't need to be perfect, don't need to constantly achieve and produce. It is good to just be, good to appreciate, good to look out a window. I am thinking about this for my life and for the lives of…