Reading data

Discover effective reading strategies to extract valuable insights from data. Learn how to enhance your data analysis skills and make informed decisions for your business.
Data Charting- the easiest way I've found to comb through data in a powerful and meaningful way. After completing a cycle with this process, I have goals, assessments, and lesson plans for meeting the needs of all my learners. No more wasting time with unproductive data chats. Coaching, Pre K, Organisation, Lesson Plans, Teaching Ideas, Student Data Tracking, Literacy Coaching, Teaching Tips, Student Data

Somewhere along the way, data became a four-letter word. I’m sure it all started back when lawmakers became more focused on test scores and less on students…and High Stakes Testing became the only thing that only mattered… but somewhere along the way, data became a word that was like nails on a chalkboard for teachers. […]

Angela Robbins