Ran and shinichi

Explore the intriguing relationship between Ran and Shinichi as you dive into the world of Detective Conan. Discover the secrets, twists, and turns of their story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
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Reversed Roles by Kika-ila on DeviantArt

Description Well, I really love Detective Conan (and Magic Kaito as well), and I'm reading again all the story (I'm trying to find out who is the Boss...); So, yesterday night I couldn't sleep, and I started wondering: "What if the roles were reversed?" "What if Ran was the one that had become a child?" and so on... and then this came out! www.facebook.com/kikaigaku

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Top 20 Cute Couples in Anime

Imagine anime without any romance. Boring, right? The cute expressions boys get on their faces when alone with their loving girlfriends. The warm signs of affection girls show to their caring boyfriends. Love is in the air! Come fall in love with 20 of the most adorable couples in anime history.

— 金 ✦˚.