Ramen noodles package

Discover a variety of delicious recipes and creative ideas to level up your ramen noodles game. From homemade flavors to unique toppings, explore new ways to enjoy your favorite instant noodles.
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About this item 2023 New Samyang Fire Chicken Ramen 11 Flavors. Samyang Foods Co., Ltd, established in 1961, has been walking a single path, pursuing honesty and trust for over 50 years. Its pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, with the aim of bringing an era where the average life expectancy becomes 100 years through food, has been the foundation for Samyang Foods to become a trustworthy company to customers. Samyang Hot Chicken, Original, Carbo, Kimchi, Light, Spaghettis, Jjajang, Stew…

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About this item AUTHENTIC FLAVOR HERITAGE: Experience the original instant ramen in a cup, brought to you by Nissin, creators of the culinary classic, Top Ramen. QUICK & SATISFYING: Ready to savor in just 3 easy steps and 3 minutes. Perfect for anyone seeking a delicious, convenient meal or snack on the go. RICH BEEF AROMA: Savor the deep, hearty essence of beef complemented with a symphony of spices, making every bite a flavorful journey. UNIVERSALLY LOVED: A staple for families, students…

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