Quilling cards

Explore stunning quilling card ideas to celebrate every occasion with a personal touch. Handcrafted with love, these unique cards are sure to impress your loved ones.
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Quilling is a technique where we rolled and glued together paper strips of various thickness and make flower. This quilling card set consist of 3 quilling cards . These cards are made up of 300 GSM paper base ,over that i did quilling work 0f 120 GSM paper. Each card will come with boxed envelopes so that elevated work of quilling will not be damage and pressed. This box serve as a nice presentation box. Number of cards- 5 with boxed envelopes size of cards- 3.5x3.5 inches other uses of…

Sandee Ross
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Hello friends, This is Trupti from Trupti's Craft. In the previous post my friend Janani gave you a brief information about paper quilling. Today I am going to tell you about some basic shapes of paper quilling. These are the basic shapes made with the help of quilling niddle, slotted tool. If you do not have a slotted tool you can use a tooth pick. Snip the end of the tooth pick for about 0.5 cm, your slotted tool is ready. Now let's see how to make each shape in detail . Tight Coil: Insert…

Eugénia Baptista