Quiet dog breeds

Discover the top quiet dog breeds that will bring tranquility to your home. Find the perfect companion who will provide a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for you and your family.
16 Quiet Dog Breeds That Won’t Bark All Night Long – SheKnows Cavalier King Charles, Dog Breeds, Dog, Cavachon Dog, Bichon Frise, Bichon, Spaniel, Dogs Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever Dog

One of the major factors that makes prospective pet owners balk at bringing a dog into their home is noise. Just the thought of staying up all night listening to a dog howl and bark at the moon is the stuff of nightmares. But celebrity dog trainer Joel Silverman says not all dogs are created equal when it comes to the amount of noise they make. "I am asked periodically if there are breeds that are less noisy, or dogs that do not bark as much. And the answer to that is yes, there are," he…

Terry Lee