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This just in: we’ve gone sober this summer. Okay, so not completely, but thanks to the growing sober movement, we’ve been able to quench our thirst with cool products that encourage authentic socializing without alcohol. Our latest obsession? Sparkling bevvies. From sparkling waters to sparkling sodas and everything in between (think: caffeinated or CBD-infused), we’ve been able to perfectly curate our reccs for a chilled-out summer drink fit for every occasion. Reporter: Erica Nichols

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When packaging is simple yet packs a punch, it quickly impacts consumers can make or break a sale. HeyHey’s packaging by Seachange is beautifully minimalistic, yet the oversized typography and eye-catching color combinations are likely to earn consumers’ attention quickly. In fact, before I even knew what type of beverage came inside these funky cans, […]

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