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Explore a collection of printable book pages for your DIY projects. Find unique designs and illustrations to bring your crafts to life and unleash your creativity.
If you don't want to ruin books for book page crafts, check out this Assortment of Printable Book Pages! Vintage, Altered Books, Journal Pages, Quilling, Altered Books Pages, Book Pieces, Book Pages, Diy Book, Book Page Crafts

Now you can make book page crafts without tearing up your books! With this Assortment of Printable Book Pages, you get a bunch of free printables that can be used in place of real book pages for any related paper craft project. These book pages to print include six pages of different styles. There are three unique fonts used as well as three excerpts of fairytales. There are three large font versions and three small font versions. Make book page bookmarks, DIY book page flowers, and much…


I posted a black and white vintage clip art illustration of a beautiful Hydrangea a few days ago. In response to my post, I received a request to share the information about hydrangeas from the book. That information is covered on these two pages. In addition to the hydrangea, there is gardening information on a few...Read More

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I'm not familiar with this hymn, but I think the lyrics are important. It's easy to love God when things are going well in life, but when something difficult, or even tragic happens, the question 'will your heart right true?' will be answered by all who know us.Wishing you a blessed day, and that we're all a blessing to someone else,View Verse of the Day Due to unethical websites stealing content, I can no longer provide a full RSS feed.

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Here is a full page of vintage French text from the June 28, 1896 issue of La Nouvelle Mode. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts that may interest you: Color Wheel Vintage French School Lesson Ornamental Typography ~ Free Vintage Graphic Vintage French Couple in Love Postcard

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While surfing the web, and Pinterest, this morning, I came across some beautiful handmade cards and tags that included random bits of vintage text. I’ve also seen vintage text used in wonderfully creative ways in digital scrapbook kits. That inspires me to share with you some random vintage text. Whatever your craft or design purpose is, I...Read More

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