Print christmas card

Get inspired to print unique and personalized Christmas cards this holiday season. Discover top ideas to make your cards stand out and spread joy to your loved ones.
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It has become an annual tradition at Jackson’s! Each year we ask artists to submit a photo that will encourage people to make their own linocut Christmas Cards. Since there are so many lovely, skilled printmakers on Twitter we always do the competition there. Every year we get some great photos from creative artists. This year we have a winning photo from Anthea Bee, that will feature in our newsletter about printing your own cards. Anthea will receive a £50 Jackson’s gift voucher. We have…

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I realise it's been a long time since my last post, the beginning of the year, and what then seemed a whole new creative adventure. It's been a tumultuous year, and in life nothing really goes as planned. I started the year with all good intentions of pushing my creative boundaries and recording them on this humble little blog. I'm sure like many new year plans and resolutions, I am not the only person to let these plans and ideas lapse. So a whole 10 months since my previous post, I am…

Marcela Barral