Pride badges

Express your support and celebrate diversity with stylish pride badges. Discover a wide range of designs and wear them proudly to show your solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.
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Gay badges, LGBTQIA+ badges, Lesbian badges and pride badges. We have gay pride badges, lesbian pride badges, bisexual badges and transgender badges, pronoun badges, LGBTQ badges along with Asexual badges, aromantic badges and many more. Our badges are perfect for LGBT pride events during pride month & throughout the year and are perfect to celebrate dignity, sexual diversity, equal rights and for self-affirmation. We supply lots of regular customers each year & our rainbow pride badges…

Monica May
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Package Included: You will receive 24 Rainbow Gay Pride Pins, with different style patterns and enough quantity to meet your daily activities and needs. You can also share with others. High Quality: Our LGBT Lapel Pins are made of tinplate, durable, safe and odorless. The pattern is clear and the brilliance is bright.Pins are suitable for a variety of styles. Suitable Size: Our Lesbian Pride Pins are 1.8inch/4.5cm in diameter. Note: Manual measurement allows error. The badge has a pin on the…

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Queer Chemistry is an enamel pin series, inspired by the chemical elements of the Mendeleev Periodic Table. Each of the enamel pins is a chemical element-style representation of a marginalized gender identity, sexuality, attraction. The idea behind the concept is that gender and sexuality are just as natural as chemical elements. In other words, every gender and sexuality are valid, natural, and thus deserving of pride and joy. Today, more than ever, I feel that labels can be used to…

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Got PRIDE? Rock patches from our PRIDE collection to show who you are and your support! This patch is 3.75" x 2" and 90% embroidered and has iron-on backing Rock this patch on a denim or camo jacket, a hat, your crocs, bags, and more. This patch won't be found anywhere else!! We are the originators of this exclusive patch. Patch has adhesive on the back and is ready to be sealed with your heat press or iron (without steam) or it can be sewn on. Enjoy!! Thanks so much for stopping by…