Preston garvey

Discover the backstory and hidden quests of Preston Garvey, a key character in Fallout 4. Join the Minutemen and embark on epic adventures with this influential companion.
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Preston Garvey is a member and officer of the Commonwealth Minutemen residing in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. He is a possible companion of the Sole Survivor. During Preston's childhood, the Minutemen were his personal heroes, as he observed them to be the "only good guys around." Because of this, he enlisted with a company of Minutemen under Colonel Ezra Hollis as soon as he could at the age of seventeen. He grew to be an avid believer in the Minutemen's ideals of fellowship and justice…

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The Art of Fallout 4 is an art book accompanying Fallout 4. The Art of Fallout 4 has 368 pages and features never before seen designs and concept art from the game's environments, characters, weapons, and more, along with commentary from the developers themselves. It was made available on December 22, 2015. The following are excerpts from the book: page 10 Chapter 1 PREPRODUCTION page 11 LOGO POWER ARMOR page 15 VAULT SUIT page 16 VAULT SUIT page 19 PIP-BOY 3000 MARK IV page 20 MACHINE GUN…

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