Potting soil for succulents

Find the perfect potting soil for your succulents and ensure their healthy growth. Discover the best options and tips to keep your succulents thriving in their pots.
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Learn how to make the best potting mix for succulents with this easy DIY succulent soil recipe! As I mentioned in my succulent plant care 101, I love succulents because they are easy to grow, simple to care for, and absolutely beautiful – both indoors and out. And there are so many types of succulents...

Dalynne Randolph
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The best soil for succulents doesn't have to be expensive. Learn what your succulents need from their soil and how to provide it. Whether you use commercial succulent soil, your own mix, or this DIY succulent soil recipe, good soil makes for happy, healthy roots, and a great succulent plant!

Marie Read
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Learn how to properly plant your succulents with the help of this step-by-step tutorial! You'll get the tips you need to keep your succulents happy and healthy, too!

Christiana O'Leary